chris evans ice bucket challenge!


[Insert overly used Alfred F. Jones metaphor here]


[Insert overly used Alfred F. Jones metaphor here]


These are based on the beautiful botanical tattoos of Kirsten Holliday (kirstenmakestattoos).


I don’t think I know anyone with this background, but maybe we can signal boost. One major thing the Ferguson organizers have been asking for specifically for several days is for service donations from mental health professionals with a background in trauma counseling, people of color would be preferable for obvious reasons. If you know someone who might be willing to either to go to Ferguson or do tele-sessions, please direct them to this form.

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you seem to be confused


completed hyrule warriors queen zelda cosplay !

there was a lot of craft foam and tears put into this but it feels nice to finally have it done in time for otakon


The Wolf Among Us